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Community involvement - C.V. De Hoalthakkers

C.V. De Hoalthakkers is a carnival association based in Losser and affiliated to the umbrella Losser association the Gaffel Aöskes. The association was founded in 1975.

Every carnival season starts on the 11th of the 11th with the annual lamp to party. A cosy evening where all Hoalthakkers gather in the cottage at Grand Café Smit in Losser to kick off the new carnival season together with a snack and a drink. At the end of the evening (23.11 hrs), as tradition, the carnival light is switched on and the carnival season can officially start.

Every year, the Hoalthakkers organise several carnival parties. Like the annual party in the summer and the construction party just before the carnival weekend. The construction party is dedicated to thanking all members for their commitment and enthusiasm in making the carnival season a great success. This evening, a real Marquis and Bottelier also appear: (un)official highnesses without any obligation (except to make it a big party).

During the carnival weekend, the Hoalthakkers run several parades. On the Saturday, the Hoalthakkers start with their first parade in Losser. The second parade takes place on Carnival Sunday with the Great Twenthe Carnival Parade in Oldenzaal. The third parade traditionally takes place on the Monday of carnival in De Lutte. The last parade the Hoalthakkers do on Tuesday afternoon during the children’s parade in Losser.

In 2019, C.V. De Hoalthakkers celebrated its 44th anniversary with the theme:
‘The Hoalthakkers have been turning 44 joar with!

Arcade supports the association by sponsoring a nice amount every year.