Retrospective meeting Oldenzaal Proaters

Oldenzaalse Proaters X Arcade Bouw Consult

Last Thursday Arcade organised the meeting for the Oldenzaal Proaters | Building Success Together. With speakers like Stefan Boermans and Arcade Bouwkwaliteit, it was an inspiring evening.

Arcade Bouw Consult

As a member of the Oldenzaal Proater, Arend welcomed all members present. As a construction consultancy, Arcade Bouw Consult has been the specialist in project, cost and construction management for many years.

Oldenzaal Proaters trifft Arend Koers - Arcade Bouw Consult
Treffen der Oldenzaal Proaters - Stefan Boermans

Stefan Boermans

As a top athlete, Stefan knows exactly how to inspire people. The Proaters followed his every word, especially how he made his way to the Olympic Games. Afterwards, it was even suggested that the Oldenzaal Proaters should go to the Olympics in Paris with him.

Arcade Bouwkwaliteit

Martin gave the Oldenzaal Proaters an introduction to the upcoming big changes in the building world. The Quality Assurance Act is expected to come into force on 1 January 2023. Martin explained what Arcade Bouwkwaliteit can do in this respect. The interaction with the proaters went well and many questions were asked.

Oldenzaalse Proaters - Arcade Bouwkwaliteit