Project management

Project management at Arcade stands for realising projects where Arcade carries out feasibility and profitability studies beforehand.

As project managers at Arcade, we ensure well-organised construction projects. The power of a successful construction project stands and falls with good preparation and a well-considered, realisable and executed planning. Arcade has extensive experience in managing large construction projects in both Germany and the Netherlands. We even go one step further for our clients. Together with its clients, Arcade examines in advance the feasibility and return on investment of the building project.


Ensuring balance in the construction project

Arcade relieves its clients of the daily hassles of managing a construction project. From the start-up phase of the building project, be it in the development of a building project or in the design phase of a building project, Arcade takes care of the right direction and balance. We ensure that each party is engaged and directed at the right time.

Design, tendering and implementation phase

Every construction within project management is unique and has its own specific challenge. Arcade fully understands that finding the right parties for a client can be challenging. Our project managers hold discussions with clients to set out specific frameworks for a building project. Arcade then looks for the right architect, constructor and consultant. The aim is to relieve our clients of their worries and to realise a building project successfully and cost-efficiently.


First and foremost, it is about doing it together but also being CAREFUL as a client. Whether this concerns finding out the feasibility of a new project to be developed or a piece of tailor-made advice, our project managers will give you the right advice to convert your wishes into a concrete proposal.

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