NEN 2580

What is the NEN 2580

NEN 2580 is a Dutch standard for calculating areas and contents of buildings the most important standard! From the Building Decree, the surface area determination is referred to the NEN 2580. It is also an established standard in other markets and is also understood.

NEN 2580:2007/C1:2008 is the most up-to-date standard and it provides terms, definitions and methods of determination for the areas of land with a building purpose and for the floor areas and contents of buildings or parts thereof.

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Risks of NEN 2580

If floor areas are determined incorrectly, this can have major financial consequences. To mitigate the risks, it is important to clearly state that calculations and measurements are made according to the NEN 2580 guidelines.

Importance of NEN 2580

NEN 2580 is related to other laws and standards such as:

  • Building code 2012, Regulations on building, using and demolishing structures;
  • NEN 2699:2017, Investment and operating costs of immovable property;
  • NEN 3682:1990, Measurement control in construction – General rules and instructions;

The importance of this can be summarised as follows (NEN, 2008):

  • Producing unambiguous area and volume analyses by uniform determination of basic data;
  • Obtaining comparable information in relation to quantities in m², m³ and costs;
  • Providing alternatives at the design stage based on the aforementioned analyses and corresponding ratios;
  • The exchange of uniformly constructed information, from which comparable data is published and recorded;
  • Functions as a tool for assessment and feedback in the design process.

Determining the correct surface areas of a project is of great importance in the design-rental and sales process. By measuring in a transparent and uniform manner, we avoid discussion. A tenant or landlord wants to have the exact number of square metres in view. This is one of the reasons why municipalities, estate agents, property owners, investors, developers, contractors architects use this general standard.

Contents NEN 2580

Site areas

  • Site area
  • Built-up area
  • Unbuilt surface area
  • Overbuilt area
  • Unbuilt surface area

Floor areas

  • Gross floor area (GFA)
  • Net floor area
  • Tare area (TO)
  • User surface area
  • Lettable floor area


  • Gross content
  • Net content
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BVO calculation for building tests

We carry out surface area calculations and fee assessments for various clients. We examine the requirements on the basis of the regulations and determine the surface areas according to NEN 2580. We also check how building costs should be determined and apply them. Various clients have already preceded you and are more than satisfied with our tests and services.

Advice and guidance from Arcade

As an organisation, we have extensive experience in taking measurements according to NEN 2580. We can therefore advise and guide you in the requirements set by the NEN 2580 when determining the surface area and content of property. We then use the definitions laid down in the NEN 2580 when taking measurements. This measurement is tailored to the NEN 2580 and we provide the data tailored to your requirements as a client.

Current updates NEN 2580

Based on the Housing Act, municipalities have to value their real estate using the NEN 2580 methodology from 1 January 2022. The same applies to housing corporations. Only, housing corporations should already take this into account to include this in the 2021 reporting year (Government, 2021).

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