Innovation in the construction industry

Innovation in construction, technical installations and real estate. Arcade has extensive experience and expertise in innovative and sustainable building.

Arcade Bouw Consult has ample experience and expertise in thinking along in the traditional way of building in daily building practice, but is always focused on the “how/what/why” question of building in such a way, when perhaps it can also be done in a much better and often time-saving / inexpensive / sustainable way, the quality of which also remains at the same level or can even be raised to a higher level.

The DNA of Arcade Bouw Consult

We take nothing for granted and try to immerse ourselves in every train of thought of our clients, property developers, architects, structural engineers, consultants, etc. We are quite critical of all parties so that naturally the best comes out on top. Arcade Bouw Consult is the spider in the web to make the most favourable trade-offs in construction costs and construction cost management.

Construction in Development

Arcade Bouw Consult is working on innovation in the construction and real estate sector. In the near future of the construction sector, smart cities, smart buildings and intelligent infrastructure will form the basis for a society in the future. Technology is changing the way we construct. What are the trends, how to capitalise on them and provide you as a client with the right advice? Arcade Bouw Consult can be of excellent service to you.

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