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Project management construction

Project management at Arcade stands for the realisation of projects where Arcade carries out feasibility and profitability studies beforehand. As project managers at Arcade, we ensure well-organised projects. The strength of a successful building project stands and falls with good preparation and a well-considered, realisable and executed planning. We even go one step further for our client. Together with its client, Arcade examines the feasibility and return on investment of the building project in advance and also ensures the right direction and balance.

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Construction cost management

Arcade has knowledge to calculate the cost of a construction project and up-to-date knowledge of construction prices, the construction market and execution methods. When calculating the exact cost price, quantities need to be determined accurately as these form the basis for a good budget. With this, our staff are supported by advanced computer techniques and can provide high-quality advice quickly and accurately. Which budget form can be used is determined by the level of information available and depends on the development stage of the project.

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Cost management - Arcade Bouw Consult
Construction management - Arcade Bouw Consult

Construction management

Arcade Bouw Consult acts as an independent party that stands alongside the client and looks after their interests throughout the building process. This includes approaching and coordinating real estate agents during land purchase, architects, constructors, other consultancies, selecting construction companies, drawing, planning and construction supervision (management). Arcade Bouw Consult acts as a spider in the web and acts on behalf of the client within pre-agreed frameworks.

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Building cost review

Arcade is a specialist, in the field of municipal services, in determining the building sum in building applications (i.e. the environmental permit). Experience shows that the actual building sum of the structure to be realized is a lot higher than normally submitted to the municipality at the time of the application and inherently the building fees are a lot higher. Thus, more fees can be collected by the municipality. This can run from thousands to millions of extra euros per building application. Engaging Arcade for this is therefore definitely worthwhile.

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Review of construction costs - Arcade Bouw Consult

Project management German real estate

Arcade’s expertise is building in Germany. In this, Arcade is an independent architectural consultancy firm that speaks your language and has a good command of the German language while knowing its way around the complicated regulations in Germany. Arcade guides the entire process, from the bag of money to develop to the delivery of the project, and provides a feasibility analysis early in the process to see whether or not the desired return is feasible. During all phases of the construction process, you will have a trusted advisor at your disposal, saving you time, money and uncertainty during the construction process, in other words, completely unburdened and but also at least recouping Arcade’s costs. Find out more…

NEN 2580

NEN 2580 is a Dutch standard for calculating areas and contents of buildings the most important standard! From the Building Decree, the surface area determination is referred to the NEN 2580. This norm is also an established standard in other markets and is also understood. In our experience, this standard is also frequently misapplied and misinterpreted.
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NEN 2580 - Arcade Bouw Consult