Secondment to the construction sector

The world of construction is catching up, considering the innovative technological developments. The construction consultancy Arcade Bouw Consult can help your company by providing technical specialists for all your construction projects.

Experience in secondment

Arcade Bouw Consult has been active as a construction consultancy nationally and internationally since 2006. We specialise in assisting clients with project preparation and supervision. Staffing needs are always fluctuating because they are often project-specific, as every client has peaks and troughs. When capacity bottlenecks occur, hiring additional staff is no longer always the goal. In addition to our permanent staff, we have an extensive network of: Draftsmen, Modellers, Work Planners, Project Managers, Estimators, Construction Cost Experts and Construction Cost Managers.

Our clientele - Arcade Bouw Consult

Our customer base

Clients include property managers, developers, housing associations, municipalities, health care facilities, parastatals, construction companies, architects, consulting and engineering firms. In recent years, many companies have restructured. The market is currently picking up strongly and more and more construction projects are coming onto the market, which means that there will soon be capacity bottlenecks. Arcade Bouw Consult, as a specialised company, can meet the need for professionals.

Building professionals

Construction specialists are becoming increasingly important in the construction process, in our opinion. “For projects that require the right man or woman in the right place, the use of temporary workers is increasing significantly.” Companies are taking a different approach; in the past they tended to hire someone during a boom. Six months later, that skilled worker was hired permanently. Nowadays, companies put more emphasis on flexibility; they only have a core workforce. Additional support is only requested for the duration of the project. They look for co-makers who can provide a flexible cover. The decline in construction projects due to the economic crisis is not causing problems for Arcade. “The number of projects is decreasing, but the companies that are still doing well have a stronger need for specialists. There is also an increasing focus on management, renovation and maintenance. Companies are less busy with demolition and/or new construction. We then benefit from the increasing focus on developing multi-year maintenance programmes, energy performance certificates and property inspections. We also notice that care facilities are paying more attention to the condition of their properties. Arcade advises them on improving fire safety, among other things.

Arcade the place to go for questions

In the coming years, Arcade plans to expand its field of activity. We have found that clients want a one-stop shop for a variety of issues. Take property management, for example. Property managers also have questions about renewing facilities. Therefore, in the future, we also want to offer advisors for building-related installations.

We can advise municipalities, but also care facilities, on building maintenance, sustainability and safety. Flexibility can also increase in the development of buildings. Sometimes a developer is needed temporarily. Or a project needs to be redeveloped. We have the right people to take on these tasks.

Expansion of knowledge

Arcade Bouw Consult makes a point of expanding knowledge. The construction industry is undergoing a profound change. Construction companies, planning offices and other stakeholders in the industry are increasingly using the building data model. All data for the planning, construction and management process are integrated into a digital three-dimensional building model. In addition, the so-called LEAN method is increasingly being used. This approach was once developed by the car manufacturer Toyota and involves omitting any superfluous action that disrupts the process. The activities of all those involved are coordinated so that everyone makes their contribution at the right time. This avoids unnecessary waiting times. It also shows that the number of errors and thus the cost of errors can be significantly reduced in this way. And we are increasingly concerned with the cooperation of chains in the construction process. We move in all these areas and offer well-trained staff. According to Arcade, this requires more than just timely training. Take a draughtsman, for example. Modern 3D technology gives him a completely different function. He becomes much more of a modeller with greater responsibility.

A growth strategy in mind

Arcade has an ambitious growth strategy in mind. Our goal is to develop into a construction consultancy in the coming years that is known for its expert advice in the construction industry both within and outside the Netherlands.

In our opinion, the labour market offers enough talent. There is a lot of talent, but for some specific positions it is difficult to find the right people. A good estimator, maintenance expert or fire protection expert is hard to find. Our growth ambitions mean that we think early about which specialists we need and where we can get them from. We have to, because when the economy picks up, we all have to be ready.