Consulting in the construction project

Consulting and up-to-date knowledge in the construction industry is essential to calculate costs in the construction project.

When calculating the exact cost, quantities should be accurately determined, as they form the basis for a proper budget. This can be done either manually, or using digital techniques.

Consulting in estimates and budgets

Which form of budget can be used is determined by the level of information available and depends on the development stage of the project. The most commonly used forms of budgets are: element estimate, estimate, budget, executive budget, tender budget and partial budgets. Our clients are developers, investors, government, corporations, architects, contractors and construction management companies. They have trusted us with our knowledge and expertise since 2006.

Latest trends and expertise

We have extensive knowledge in the field of BREEAM, Lean & Green, sustainability & socially responsible and UAV-GC projects, and in the ICT field we like to work with the latest trends. Arcade Bouw Consult has several partnerships with companies & trade associations and a very extensive specialised network with many people with expert knowledge.

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