Construction management: our approach

At Arcade, construction management stands for realising various projects that meet our clients’ expectations.

At Arcade Bouw Consult, we have accumulated years of knowledge and experience in construction management. Our construction managers work according to one structured system of working. This way of working ensures a positive and successful realisation of the set starting points of the construction project. Important for a successful realisation is the proper formulation of the requirements set in advance and continuous coordination during all phases of the building process.

Initiative and programme of requirements

This coordination during the initiative phase and the drafting of the schedule of requirements is an important starting point. This coordination provides input to clearly defined frameworks such as the building, budget, time schedule and quality. This input ensures conversion into clear building definitions, specifications and time schedule. This conversion ensures that it supports the structured methods for insightful control and attentive supervision of the building plan to be realised.

Design management

The next phase, following the drafting of the schedule of requirements, is the creation of a sketch design by the architect. Here, it is important that a check is made against the schedule of requirements while at the same time an analysis of the chosen solutions is made by the architect. In this phase, it is important to use our knowledge and network to make improvements to the sketch design. These improvements should result in a smarter and more well-considered sketch design. This smarter and more well-considered sketch design ensures that the project proceeds more efficiently and that the plan is as well-considered and budget-friendly as possible for the client.

Risk management and continuous alignment

Supervising the construction process is a complex process that requires time and attention. It is important to make a good risk analysis at the start of a project. Continuous coordination and communication is also important for risk management. We have knowledge and insight into the various construction aspects at various levels. Here, we make use of our extensive network and knowledge whereby our coordination and control will ensure risk reduction.

Construction management on various routes/levels

We can deploy our knowledge and experience in construction management at various levels and different processes in both new construction, renovation, redevelopment, relocation and transformation for both the Dutch and German markets.

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