Understanding of construction cost management

Construction cost management is of great importance. Regardless of how big or small a construction project is, construction costs always form the basis upfront.

Construction costs are a listing of all costs incurred for the validation of a construction project. Knowing the construction costs is essential for the creation of a construction project. Each project is different in terms of materials, technology and execution and therefore incurs different costs. Construction costs can be divided into direct construction costs (DBK) and indirect or general construction site costs (ABK).

Getting a grip on construction costs: Support

Calculating is about creating a budget. On this basis, we can clearly present the construction costs for your project.

Quantities and knowledge of construction costs (material standards) are essential for budgeting. Combining these things creates an accurate, durable budget.

Arcade produces calculations for both simple and very complex projects. Our consultants have extensive experience in the field of construction costs in building construction, civil engineering, industrial construction, residential construction and utility construction and renovation.

Second opinion

In addition to knowledge of construction costs, we also use our broad knowledge of construction methods and materials when budgeting. We also advise on risks and opportunities. In this way, we can assess third-party budgets, prepare feasibility studies, select contractors and conduct arbitration studies.

In many cases, it is advisable to get a second opinion before and even during construction. This keeps everyone involved focused and aware of the risks.

Een second opinion is in veel gevallen raadzaam voor en zelfs tijdens de bouw. Dit houdt alle partijen scherp en bewust van de risico’s.

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