Collaborations. At Arcade, we work with various partners to ensure the best possible construction results.



The NVBK (Dutch Association of Construction Cost Experts) is a professional association of organisations and individuals who have made cost expertise in the construction and property sector their profession. With NVBK on the side of Arcade Bouw Consult, every client strengthens themselves with knowledge, methodology and good practice on construction and housing costs. With our experience, we provide insight into investment and operating costs of your building project, which are well and price-wise underpinned by previous experience and/or can be well communicated with colleagues in everyone’s field. Arend Koers is part of the general board of the NVBK and is responsible for the activities of the website, partner packages, editing, PR and communication, where he is assisted by MOS management & organisation together with the NVBK board.


The mission of CEEC (Conseil Européen des Economistes de la Construction) is to promote construction cost management in Europe and to facilitate opportunities to exchange experiences and information within the professions involved. Arcade Bouw Consult has gained knowledge of the local market partly through CEEC through its international experiences in the Benelux countries and Germany.


As construction partners, it is important to understand each other’s qualities. Arcade Construction Consult works with the most widely used quotation platform for construction, 12Build. Together, we offer a transparent overview of the supply of construction specialists, sharing documents for bids and execution, keeping good fingerspitzengefühl on every price development in the construction and real estate sector. 12Build evaluator helps us in, taking construction quality to the next level.

Your Lean Guide

Our experience with projects is that they are often disjointed and uncoordinated, rarely producing the desired results. With our approach, it can be done faster, better and cheaper, but above all with more respect and job satisfaction. To some people, it seems like three different worlds. Others find it all too logical that LEAN, SMART and CIRCULAR are mentioned in the same breath, as the trinity. The challenges in the construction industry can be compiled into a few main themes namely: productivity, sustainability, workforce shortage, affordability and innovation. Adding to this is the growing complexity of the construction task. Arcade Bouw Consult helps you in the quest for affordability perfection.

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