Municipalities and construction costs

Arcade Bouw Consult is a construction consultancy firm that has proven its services for many years. This includes services provided by municipalities, determining the correct amount of a building application (being the environmental permit), which determines the amount of the fees.

Specialist in construction

Arcade is a specialist in determining the building sum in building applications. Experience shows that the actual building sum of the building to be realised is much higher than normally submitted to the municipality at the time of the application and inherently the building fees are much higher. Thus, more fees can be collected by the municipality.

Our expertise

This can run from thousands to millions of extra euros per building application. So engaging Arcade for this is definitely worthwhile, it will lead to a cost saving in staff costs and an increase in revenue from fees or to support when you are understaffed in the department and the supply of work is leading to backlogs.

Fees double

Last year, Arcade managed to double revenue from fees at municipalities. By making smart use of its expertise.

Any objections

If an objection is made to the municipality against the amount of the fees, after our review almost no objections will be received. If there are any objections, Arcade will deal with them directly and settle the objection for you. This is a full service, so you do not have to worry about it.

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