Arcade to Queen & King of The Court

Queen & King of The Court Rotterdam - Arcade Bouw Consult

Last week it was time again. The annual World Cup Queen & King of The court in Rotterdam. Together with some colleagues and business relations it was again a big happening in Rotterdam.

WK Queen & King of The Court

Queen & King of The court is a fast & dynamic beach volleyball game played by 5 teams. Each team consists of two people. The court, also called court, is divided into two sides. On one side the winner side (called Queen/King side) and on the other side the challenger side (called Challenger side). The challengers take on the Queen/King side. Each round consists of 15 minutes and after each round the team with the fewest points drops out. The goal of the game is to get to the Queen/King side and score points there. Whoever manages to get to the Queen/King side and win a rally scores a point. The team that wins a rally on the Challenger side advances toward the Queen/King side. The other team then leaves the field and then joins the queue. This way you keep rotating within the Challenger side.

Winners and losers

Last weekend, the Dutch women’s team led by Katja Stam and Räisa Schoon managed to go home with the title Queen of The Court. Emi van Driel and Brecht Piersma finished in second place and received the silver medal. The men’s teams in contrast did not fare as well. 4 men’s teams including: Mees Sengers/Dirk Boehlé, Alexander Brouwer/Robert Meeuwsen, Leon Luini/Yorick de Groot and Steven van de Velde/Matthew Immers. All four men’s teams managed to reach the finals, but proved not strong enough to win against the world champion. Once again, the Swedish team led by David Ahman and Jonathan Hellvig managed to go home with the title King of The Court. Van de Velde and Immers took home the silver medal and Brouwers/Meeuwsen the bronze.

Arcade and Stefan Boermans

As main sponsor of Stefan Boermans we are very proud of the performance which teammate Yorick de Groot managed to achieve last weekend during the World Queen & King of The Court in Rotterdam. Yorick achieved 5th place together with Leon Luini. Stefan is currently recovering from an injury, which is why Stefan could not be seen last weekend. Stefan will compete at the World Championships in Tlaxcala, Mexico on October 6 with his teammate Yorick de Groot. Still aiming for de Olympische Spelen van Parijs in 2024

Queen & King of The Court Rotterdam - Yorick de Groot - Arcade Bouw Consult