Arcade Event | Building success together

Arend Koers eröffnet die Veranstaltung - Arcade Bouw Consult

Last Friday, Arcade Bouw Consult organised the Arcade Event | Building Success Together in collaboration with MKB Twente. With speakers such as Autarkis & PCM Technology, Stefan Boermans and Arcade Bouwkwaliteit, it was an afternoon full of interesting insights.

Arcade Bouw Consult

As a construction consultancy, Arcade Bouw Consult has been the specialist in project, cost and construction management for many years. Arend welcomes everyone and briefly tells them something about Arcade.

Autarkis & PCM Technology

The guys from Autarkis & PCM Technology explained a few things about phase change thermal storage for offices and homes. Walter spoke passionately about thermal batteries. Attentive listening was followed by good interaction.

Stefan Boermans

As a top athlete, Stefan knows better than anyone how to deal with pressure to perform. He has managed to inspire everyone with his story and his future plans for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. As the main sponsor, we will of course continue to accompany Stefan on his way to the Olympic Games.

Arcade Bouwkwaliteit

Arcade Bouwkwaliteit took the stage and presented himself as a new quality assurance advisor as a member of the Arcade family. This remains a fascinating topic of conversation. Here, too, the interaction got off to a good start.

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