Kracht van Arcade - Arcade Bouw Consult

The strength of Arcade

About Arcade. Arcade’s strength is formed by our building cost expertise and the personal approach of our staff.

They are supported by advanced techniques and can provide high-quality advice quickly and accurately. Work is carried out for clients in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Who is Arcade

Arcade Bouw Consult based in Oldenzaal, is an independent construction consultancy, specialising in:

and has gained extensive experience in: health care real estate, hospitals, utility construction, heavy concrete construction, industrial construction, recreational construction, housing construction, building cost testing/screening for insurances/municipalities and second opinion for inspection.

Wie is Arcade - Arcade Bouw Consult

Our brand values


Arcade stands for teamwork.
By working with various partners, Arcade creates opportunities for unique collaborations. Joining forces together creates opportunities and new insights.


Arcade consists of a team of experts with knowledge and passion for their field. By working with passion day in and day out, Arcade ensures that everyone has the space to further develop themselves in their field.

Merkwaarden Arcade Bouw Consult


By being sporting and socially involved, Arcade creates balance in business and region. Arcade supports top sports but also regional sports clubs in their vision for the future. Arcade likes to give something back to society.


Innovation is highly regarded at Arcade. By working innovatively and being up-to-date with the latest developments within the construction sector, Arcade can respond quickly to changes within the market.

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